Envestnet | Mr. Krabs

Envestnet wanted to demo their dashboard that helps financial advisors track the complexity of their clients’ finances. Instead of the standard, rich older couple shaking hands with their advisor/retirees walking on the beach approach, we had an idea: What if we worked with a movie/television studio to imagine the finances of a character from pop culture with a complicated financial life? Money-obsessed entrepreneur Mr. Krabs of SpongeBob SquarePants seemed like a perfect choice. HeyLet'sGo actually worked with their creative team, talked through storylines and past episodes, and figured out Mr. Krabs' expenses line-by-line (right down to selling SpongeBob’s Soul for 62 cents in the “Money Talks” episode from Season 5). The campaign features an online dashboard experience, TV commercials, a web film, and over 20 pieces of web content.